Sunday, June 04, 2006

Recital over!!

We had both recitals yesterday and we are tired but boy we had fun! The girls both enjoyed themselves and were the most gorgeous dancers we've ever seen (bias aside right?)

Miguel spent the whole day with his uncle/godfather and his children and had a great time until he got tired and then all hell broke loose, we have accounts of spitting, flailing and screams of mama and papa. I felt so bad :( but we were there by 10 pm and he was calm by then. The flip side of it was that from noon until 8 pm he had a total blast and went to the park and train and all kids of other fun places and never even asked for us.

My sister called today to say that she is coming a day earlier because the hotel she is at is not ok and they are all going nuts. We are going to go to Sams and shop since there will be 12 people in the house! Oh boy!

I want to recommend Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Someone should go to jail after creating this ice cream...

So that's all we are up to right now, not much, kinda boring. But I'm really into boring right now, the last week has been non-stop.

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