Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good morning!

I woke up this morning and felt tremendously cranky as if I hadn't slept much, which is odd because aside from one minor wake up I slept all night. Maybe I didn't rest. My coffee tastes weird but I ate red grapefruit with it so maybe I did it to myself. I was trying to find a quote for today, something lofty and inspirational and that would start my day off right. This is what did me in today:

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.

~Phil Pastoret

I laughed out loud and my morning just certainly got better. It's so stupid and so true that I just cracked up out loud.

So I did very little of importance yesterday except we are starting the planning of our annual Gorgas Fourth of July bash. This has got to be one of Gabi's favorite dates of the year because you get to buy fireworks and make noise all day. We should be having "Chet's Ribs" which are famous around here. One of the people we are inviting when we ask him to come over he will ask his wife "is Mr. Chet going to make his ribs at the party?" The pool will be in form and I will have to make a list of ivitees to work on the numbers.

Today the girls have horseback riding. Pat and I discussed homeschooling last night. I'm leaning towards having a curriculum that is very scripted in order to help us stay on track since Miguel makes it very challenging to do a lot of planning, funny but even Pat asked if there was some type of place where Miguel could spend an hour or 2 so I could work uninterrupted with Larisa, LOL. Our town doesn't have a mom's day out or anything like it, I think the only preschool (private) starts at 3 years old. We'll just have to manage somehow.

I better get going since Larisa is doing a bit more homeschooling today. Gabi has had 100% in math 2 days in a row and is so happy. Today I will be getting Gabi tested for placement in Saxon math.



Carol said...

We have been talking about finding some kind of childcare for Yasmin too, mostly as a break for me. ;) Do you know anyone in town who does in-home childcare whom you trust?
Oh, and are we invited to the fourth of July bash? Tarun has the day off! ;)

Flaca said...

By all means, come here and swim and eat and be merry! We love having the company!