Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Almost time

Tomorrow at this time we will be on the car to the airport! I got some clothes yesterday and shoppped and had a lot of fun.

We went to a Chinese buffet we all love in Fort Smith and ate and ate and ate. Later my mom and i took all the boys home and my sister took all the girls shopping. My girls had a great time with their Titi.

I'm going to start my packing after we drop off the girls at girl scouts camp.

We have been going everywhere and I haven't had much time to write but once my family is safely going home maybe I can summarize how much fun we've had this past week.

Miguel loves his abuela and his titi even though he will cry if he knows i'm around, I know once we are gone he is going to stick to both of them like the skin on their butts. LOL

Let me see if I have some good pics to share and i'll post them.

Well this might be my last post until next week. So in case it is wish me luck and fun!!!

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