Monday, May 15, 2006

A bit about my day

Today we pretty much hung out at home. I did go to the hospital to get records for Gabi because she has to go to the doctor tomorrow. Yesterday she fainted in church, it was awful. Thankfully she was fine but she had felt dizzy and weak the day before but felt better later on but then on Sunday in church she was an altar server and the father was working on a prayer right before we did the peace I looked at her and she just looked so pale, her lips were just colorless and I tried pointing her to get down and I guess she just didn't get it and I had to go up and get her down, as we go to the bathroom she says she feels like she is going to vomit so I take her in and she just goes down and tells me she can't hold herself up. She is just limp, i'm mentally freaking out but holding it together. We took her to the ER and she was ok after all but it was just darn scary.

Otherwise we just played outside and then my BIL came over with his son Connor and the kids just played and played, Miguel is just worn out. We are watching the Red Sox beat the Orioles, pretty ugly 8 to 1.

I'm going to get the boy to bed and go take a relaxing bath.

By the way I finished Incubus Dreams and well I think it was sort of so-so just too much descriptive and plain weird sex. Too bad...

I have 3 books waiting to be read, a vampire one, another about a boy that goes to the US looking for his mom that leaves him to go work in the US and then another Harlan Coben book.

Thursday we go to Silver Dollar City. Cool!!!

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