Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cleaning time

My mom is coming on Thursday (my kids are delirious with happiness!) My house has been so gross I'm embarassed, so i'm cleaning and doing laundry. Tomorrow our housekeeper will come and do a good cleaning, something i'm eternally grateful for, and then we can continue to tackle other stuff like steam cleaning carpets, organizing stuff and then setting up the guest room for visitors.

Pat and the girls are swiming and we threw Sam and Boo in the pool, Sam sunk like an anvil and Boo floated. Not large surprise since Sam is all swinnew (did I spell that right?) and Boo is just so fat that he floats easily. Sam now officially stinks of wet dog, pewwwww....

I officially reserved for my tandem jump in Vegas and boy I'm like already getting butterflies in my stomach. The other night I dreamt the whole night of the jump.

I'm going to post some pictures of Boo, he's just so freaking useful...

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