Monday, May 08, 2006

boy I've been busy

As you can see I never did load pictures. Didn't find any that i liked so I never put any up.

We had a really busy weekend weekend and this month is only going to get better. The girls have dance pictures, dance, planning date for the girl scouts Silver Dollar City, Gabi should be done with school work within 10 days.

I want to add another author that I like to read:

Laurell K. Hamilton

She writes about a Vampire Hunter/Executioner. It's a very interesting plot line. There are many books and I'm on the last one. I didn't start with #1 The first one I read was Bloody Bones, I really liked that one, then I read Narcissus in Chains, then Cerulean Sins and I'm now reading Incubus Dreams.

The first one I read was weird but thrilling, since then the other ones have including a lot more S-e-x. I really don't find it necessary but the story line is so interesting to me that I can bypass all the sex.

The books include all kids of "were" animals which is really cool and all the guys ar e some kind of gorgeous animal. It's just a very interesting world she has created.

If you are weirded out by "descriptive sex" bypass the books but if you can look past it, I think the whole story is just cool.

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