Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One more for today

I wanted to share 2 more things today before I have to leave again.

What am I reading?

Enrique's Journey
The Story of a boys dangerous odyssey to reunite with his mother
by Sonia Nazario

It has started very nicely.

What am I listening to?

Now that dh gave me an Ipod for Mother's day I bought a new album from a group called:
It's music in spanish and I'm really liking it. I particularly like "Sangre Americana" it's a great song.

I'm also listening to one of my favorite groups, it's from Mexico and it's called ManĂ¡, it's not mariachi music, it's more I guess modern music, it's beautiful and has such beautiful lyrics, some of it is political and it's really touching. I really love "Rayando el Sol" I don't tire of hearing that song.

Funny of the day: Miguel is suddenly loving applesauce but he cracks me up because he calls it "apple ass" LOL

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