Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My heart is breaking....

My friend came back from Guatemala from meeting her gorgeous daughter Mya. She is just on the moon she is just so happy. So she sends me pictures of some of the kids that are in the orphanage and this one little 3 year old guy caught my heart, he doesn't have a family and is in the process of abandonment which means nobody in his family claimed him to raise him (I just want to cry!)

I wish I could adopt him. He is so absolutely gorgeous, I'm oging to post a picture of him so you can pray for him that he finds a family soon. I think I will cry myself to sleep tonight thinking of him. What a sweet little guy.

So put Melvin in your prayers because I know we cannot adopt him, well Pat doesn't want more chidren (which I understand, I really do, but my heart doesn't :( )

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