Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dance recital will not come up soon enough

Oh man, I'm going to be glad for a break in dance this summer. Next weekend (June 3rd) is the girls recital. Gabi auditioned and got a lead part for the "little girls show" but is still also participating in the "big girls show" one is at 2pm and the other at 7 pm,the same day. Gabi has been practicing a minimum of 6-12 hours per week. It's just friggin exhausting to do all this driving, call me "Mama Chauffer" Frankly I'm glad she is so involved in something that promotes a healthy lifestyle, YK, exercising, good diet (not that I haven't caught her teacher eating chocolates and cheetos ;) That's ok it's good to see that she is not obsessed with food ) and she really loves the enviroment there. She is happy and always wants to do extra practice and stay longer if asked. So there it's a good thing but boy the "beam me up, Scotty" machine would be so handy!

It was so hot out today that we took a swim in the pool. It was so refreshing! It took me 3 days of hard work to get the pool going, it was YUCKY, and it's now blue and clear and oh so inviting! We've been spending lot's more time outside and have all turned a nice shade of brown, except Miguel that looks like a scrumptious dark chocolate shade. The kid has a dreamy tan.

Gabi is obsessed with the Neopets PS2 The Darkest fairie game. And before you think this an evil game, it's got an E grading so it's not like some of those XBox 360 war games or anything like that. She is pretty good at it, the kid's got talent.

Today the girls went to horseback riding after a 6 week or so hiatus and both did so well. On the last lesson we had Gabi got spooked because the horse went nuts when she was grooming it and started bucking and kicking. She managed to get away from him but not 10 minutes later another horse threw a hissy fit too and she wouldn't quit talking about it. Today she was a bit hesitant at first but she settled and when I got back to see her she was posting and looked very nice (she rides English) She has such good posture and seems to have a natural talent on the horse. Larisa was her usual goofy, smartypants self and played all her favorite games on the horse, like Simon Says, Mother may I and Red light Green light.

Miguel decided to continue on his sleeping vein and took a fabulously short 20-30 minute nap in the car.

I gotta go get everyone ready for the next round of car driving insanity. Gabi is going to dance at 4:30, then I come back and get Larisa ready for Gymnastics, leave Miguel with Pat, take Reese to Gym and then after 7 pm Pat goes with Miguel and picks up Gabi from dance.

I wonder if they have anymore of that Rooster Wine at the store.....

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