Thursday, May 04, 2006

diinndiinn, mama, dinndiinnn....

I have a 2 year old saying this over and over and over.

Translation: candy, mama, candy

ugh, I hate candyand I hate that he loves candy. He will eat the stuff all day long. The thing is that he is really a very good overall eater. Loves, salad, veggies, fruit, pasta, meat. But the candy thing, oh my gosh, it can drive me bananas, he just begs and begs and begs. And let me not forget, Couke! He also begs for coke....

I think i'm changing Miguel to a different gym class because his first one is just so far away, it really ruins my routine and there is one in town that would probably work better. I will have to look into the times for it.

I'm going to load some pictures in a minute because I like doing it. LOL

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